Recently, HP has closed its official Russian website in response to sanctions imposed by the United States.

Russian users have been unable to obtain HP's official online support, including hardware driver downloads, basic software downloads, and online customer support.

Users trying to access the original HP Russia website will be redirected to the official Kazakhstan website. Kazakhstan is a Russian-speaking country but is not on HP's list of countries.

Prior to this, HP had closed the Belarusian official website, and users visiting it would also be redirected to the Kazakhstan official website.

Even HP has removed Russia and Belarus from the language and region options on its global official website. HP did not notify users in Russia and Belarus in advance of these measures.

In this regard, the Russian media CNews condemned HP for not issuing any announcement or notification to users before shutting down the Russian website, calling its behavior "sneaky."

HP has completely ended its business in Russia and Belarus in 2022, and has also given up US$1 billion in annual revenue.

Foreign media pointed out that after HP withdrew from the Russian market, although the existence of parallel imports eased the market impact, HP's leading position in the Russian printer market has been challenged. In the third quarter of 2022, HP's market share dropped to 21%, while China's Pantum's share has increased from 16% before 2022 to 53% today. Epson's share also increased by 22.1%, and the company also retains its Russian official website and support services.