Toner is a printing consumable used in laser printers. It is usually installed in the toner cartridge. If the toner is used up, it must be refilled. Toner can be added by yourself, so how to add printer toner?

1. Preparation work

Prepare what you need first so that the operation will not be confusing. The first step is to purchase printer-specific toner and the tools needed to add toner, such as screwdrivers, diagonal pliers (nose pliers), cotton, brushes, leather tigers (or hair dryers), etc.

2. Remove the toner cartridge

After everything is ready, we can start the operation. First, take the toner cartridge out of the machine, and use a screwdriver to remove the fixing screws on the toner cartridge cover. Remember to store it, then use a "1" screwdriver to gently pry open the buckle on the toner cartridge cover, and then open the toner cartridge cover. In order to prevent residual waste toner from splashing out and polluting the environment, a newspaper should be laid on the table in advance, and attention should be paid to keeping the working environment clean during the toner cartridge filling process.

3. Clean the toner remaining in the toner cartridge

In fact, the toner in the box cannot be completely used up, so after the toner cartridge cover is opened, we should first remove the unused toner, because if it is not cleaned, the new toner and the original toner will It is possible to form a lumpy solid due to incompatibility. When cleaning, first drain the toner in the toner cartridge, and then use a brush to gently brush away the toner remaining on the edge of the toner cartridge. You can use a hair dryer or a hair dryer to clean areas that cannot be cleaned with a brush. After the toner cartridge is cleaned, the waste toner on the charging roller and magnetic roller must also be cleaned. Taking cleaning the charging roller as an example, first find the fixing screws of the charging roller (usually on both sides of the charging roller), and use a screwdriver to tighten them. Remove the screws and carefully remove the charging roller from the toner cartridge. Generally, there are plastic gears at both ends of the charging roller. You must remove the gears at both ends of the charging roller before wiping.


4. Add new toner to the toner cartridge

After cleaning, you can start adding new powder. First, unscrew the bottle containing new toner, pull off the sealing paper on the seal, and slowly pour the toner into the toner cartridge of the toner cartridge until it is full. In order to prevent toner from spreading outside, you can use printing paper to pad the opening of the toner cartridge to facilitate adding toner to the toner cartridge. After adding toner, cover the toner box and waste toner box and tighten the screws, and then wipe off the toner around the toner cartridge with a clean brush or soft cloth. Finally, shake the toner cartridge left and right with your hands to distribute the toner in the toner cartridge evenly so that it can print normally in the future.

5. Test

Install the toner cartridge with new toner back into the printer, then turn on the power and test the effect.