• Take an open mind to welcome change , learn continuously , and enhance the ability of innovation
  • Carry forward the spirit of "making progress against difficulties, seeking truth from facts and innovating", make bold innovations, and make positive progress


  • To provide customers with higher quality services, provide value-added services, so that enterprises and customers achieve win-win
  • To achieve the common growth and value sharing of employees, customers, shareholders and society with a win-win thinking


  • Communicate with others in good faith, keep your promises, and be honest
  • Respect the facts, keep your promises to others and the company, and keep your promises

High efficiency

  • Be able to prioritize correctly, do the right things, do the right things according to priorities
  • Can not be satisfied with comfortable work and comfortable life, aggressive, bold breakthrough


  • Have a high sense of responsibility and dedication to the interests of the company, for the development of the company to give advice
  • Take the interests of the company as the first priority, and take the initiative to stop acts that damage the interests and image of the company


  • Advocating knowledge, advocating science, not conceited, complacent, always empty cup mentality
  • Always pay attention to competitors, actively learn from competitors