1. The copier is out of ink and the ink cartridge needs to be replaced.

2. The developing liquid is old and invalid.

When the developing liquid becomes old and expires, the carrier will be missing or fatigued, and the color may fade.

3. Image density is uneven

Uneven image density will make the color lighter, I believe everyone knows this.

4. The electrostatic latent image has small contrast.

The surface of the photosensitive drum has too much charging potential, which causes the surface potential difference after exposure to be too small, causing the color to fade. In this case, the charging potential can be adjusted or the distance from the photosensitive drum to the charging electrode wire can be adjusted.

5. The paper contains too much moisture

If the paper is damp or the working environment is too humid, it will also cause the color to fade.

6. The physical and chemical indicators of paper do not meet the requirements.

It's still a problem with the paper. The thickness, smoothness, density, etc. of the paper have not reached rational indicators.

7. Electromechanical aspects

The professional electrode wire is stained with dust, toner and other dirt, which affects the transfer voltage. Because it is too far away from the surface of the photosensitive drum (paper), the transfer current is too small, which cannot make the back of the paper carry enough transfer charge, affecting the transfer. Effect.