We are often asked by users who want to buy printing equipment: How often should the toner cartridges be replaced for the printer I bought? This is actually a very general question. Let’s break it down and solve it today.


How often should toner cartridges be replaced: Toner cartridges refer to two consumables
As a laser printing product, the consumables are mainly photosensitive drums and toner cartridges. In the past, products used all-in-one consumables to combine the two, so many people mistakenly thought that there was only one type of laser printer consumables. If the toner of the integrated consumable is empty, it must be replaced. If it is a split consumable, the replacement cycle of the toner and the photosensitive drum is different. The life of the photosensitive drum depends on the type of material, and the replacement cycle is several times that of the toner cartridge. to dozens of times.

Many people confuse toner cartridges and toner cartridges into one category, but they are actually two types.
In the office field, the statistics of equipment load are based on the monthly printing volume, and then the printing load is calculated. The monthly printing volume divided by the number of ink cartridges is how many ink cartridges need to be replaced every month. 30 divided by the number is Better cycle.


How often should toner cartridges be replaced: split consumables cycle calculation
Split consumables need to be calculated separately. In addition to calculating the toner cartridge, you also need to calculate the photosensitive drum. The photosensitive drum has a long life, so generally speaking, the life of the photosensitive drum is divided by the monthly printing volume, and you can know how many months to replace the photosensitive drum. If the printing volume is very large and the photosensitive drum life span is exceeded every month, it basically means that your equipment is overloaded and needs to be replaced with a higher-level product.
Enterprises should pay more attention to the replacement cycle. If the replacement cycle is too frequent, such as replacing toner cartridges more than four times a month, it means that the equipment may be overloaded, which will affect the overall service life. There is a situation where a small horse pulls a big cart. , need to purchase higher-level printing equipment. Although more advanced printing equipment is more expensive, the cost per page is lower. Calculating the overall cost in years, the overall cost of ownership of more advanced equipment is actually lower.