Do a good job in early equipment purchase and consider ink and media.

In terms of ink, it is recommended that practitioners choose machines that support large-capacity ink cartridges, rather than just looking at the price of the ink cartridges. When employees in print shops choose ink cartridges, they usually pay most attention to its selling price. However, the cost of printing is not only reflected in the purchase cost. Practitioners should pay more attention to the price cost per milliliter of ink hidden under the purchase cost. (The price per milliliter of ink is the cost of the cartridge price divided by the cartridge capacity)

Generally speaking, large-capacity ink cartridges are cheaper per milliliter than ordinary-capacity ink cartridges. Graphic and text stores print large volumes, so the price per milliliter of ink is lower, and the overall cost is also reduced. Therefore, purchasing large-capacity ink cartridges can help users save more costs. And choosing large-capacity ink cartridges can also avoid frequent replacement of ink cartridges, saving time and cost.

Strengthen printing equipment maintenance and reduce losses

Enable Toner Save/Powder Save Mode

Reduce printing costs and save ink is the key. In fact, most printer manufacturers provide economical printing modes that save ink. For example, Canon laser printers have a "toner saving mode" set in the driver. Users can choose this mode when printing some documents for internal reading. In the ink-saving mode, the printing quality of the Canon laser printer has also been recognized by users and industry professionals. Although the color of the printed text is slightly lighter, the text printing accuracy still maintains a high level.

Many printer drivers come with a toner save mode option that can be enabled, but this feature is generally not selected by default. If you want to print documents that are limited to internal communication, you can use the toner save mode. After the toner save mode is enabled, the toner save mode will be enabled. The printed text is displayed in the form of hollow text (with only border lines), which greatly saves the use of ink or toner. Some models can save 75% of ink in this mode.

Do not replace the ink cartridge immediately

We know that inkjet printers use induction sensors to detect the amount of ink in the ink cartridge. As long as the sensor detects that the amount of ink in one color is less than the value set internally in the printer, it will prompt to replace the ink cartridge. At this time, you can take out the ink cartridge and put it in immediately, and then use the cleaning button in the control panel, or you can clean it through the tool software that comes with the printer. Repeat this several times, and most of the printers can be used normally.