Printer toner, also known as printer carbon powder, is a powdered substance used in laser printers to form images on paper. Its main components are:

1. Resin: the main imaging substance, which constitutes the main component of carbon powder;

2. Carbon black: the main imaging substance, which has the function of adjusting the color depth, which is usually called blackness;

3. Magnetic iron oxide: under the magnetic attraction of the magnetic roller, it can carry carbon powder and adsorb it on the magnetic roller;

4. Charge control particles: control the charge of carbon powder to make the carbon powder uniformly charged;

5. Lubricant (silicon particles): plays a lubricating role and controls friction charge at the same time;

6. Hot melt plastic (plasticizer): controls the melting point of carbon powder, carries carbon powder to penetrate into the paper fiber in a molten state, and forms a final solid image.

In addition, color toner will also add pigments of other colors on the basis of the above ingredients.