Things to keep in mind before using the toner cartridge:

1, avoid using or storing in high temperature, high humidity, high cold environment, avoid prolonged exposure to bright light

2, the toner cartridge is not in use, do not tear open the black packaging bag, do not open the toner cartridge photoconductor cover, so as to avoid the drum core scratches or bright light irradiation and make the drum core scrapped;.

3, do not touch the drum core or rotate the drum core with your hands, pay attention to the direction of the drum core rotation, if the direction of rotation is not correct, it will cause damage to the parts caused by the print leakage of powder or print stains.

4, the toner cartridge before use, do not tear the seal, otherwise the toner is susceptible to moisture agglomeration, resulting in the printing of the colour fade.

5, when replacing the toner cartridge, it is best to use a hoover or soft cloth to clean the residual toner or paper dust inside the printer, avoid blowing the toner inside.

6, the toner cartridge before the new machine should hold the handle to the horizontal direction of the shake 4 - - 5 times, in order to make the toner loose and evenly distributed, and then pull out the seal, which is conducive to the printing of colour uniformity.

7, the choice of printing paper, do not use wrinkled, not flush or too thick, too hard and other print media, otherwise it will affect the print quality and shorten the life of the photoconductor.

The use of toner cartridges should pay attention to the following issues.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the toner cartridge you have purchased, we provide the following suggestions for your reference: Laser printers, like computers, are best placed in an air-conditioned environment to achieve the best printing results and reduce the failure rate. Insert the toner cartridge into the appropriate laser printer in the correct orientation. Do not open the toner cartridge hood or touch the surface of the photoconductor. Do not rotate the photoconductor.

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