Global inkjet printing market have an increasing tendency. Global printing supply chain,  authorized institution Smithers Pira who also do packaging and paper recently reported that  globla inkjet printing market annual rate of growth is about 0.8%. And it is estimated that the value will be 109 billion dollars in 2030 at 9.4% growth rate.

It is analyzed that inkjet printing total vaule for diagram and package will be 69.6 billon dollars with consumpation of 103,700 ton inks  ,which equals to 74.9 billon A4 papers if converting to papers. During the process, the end user need spend 8.7 billon dollars while new inkjet equipment will reaches 3.6 billon dollars.

Counselor Sean Smyth doctor in printing department of Smithers Pira indicated in the report, due to increase of investment ration to print head, machine, inks, drying system and relevant software facility, economy and reliability of inkjet cartridges  printing is improving constantly. Inkjet cartridges printing advantages exists in printing kinds of product with high quality and fast speed, and saving more cost, which is an important factor of inkjet marketing increase.