The role of the toner cartridge chip

1. Receive information

This information mainly includes the print volume of the toner cartridge, the toner volume and the toner coverage rate. However, this information is collected by the printer and then fed back to the toner cartridge chip for storage. To ensure the normal operation of the printer, the collected information is irrecoverable. This is why the chip needs to be replaced. In the chip program, the toner cartridge is a bucket of water that is consumed, and there is no possibility of it being filled again, and it itself is a fish at the bottom of the water. When the water dries up, the fish will die.

2. Store information

As mentioned earlier, it will store the information fed back to it by the printer, which is only part of the information it stores. The toner cartridge chip also stores the toner cartridge model, usage and regional information, which means that the toner cartridge chip can only work when it encounters a suitable toner cartridge. This also determines that the toner cartridge chips are incompatible in different toner cartridges and different printers.


3. Feedback information

This information is fed back to the printer when needed. That is, when the people using the printer need this information, they can be fed back to them.

4. Control printing

The toner cartridge chip will control whether the printer continues printing. When the printer determines that the toner is insufficient, the printer will not be able to continue working.