A printhead is the device in an inkjet printer which sprays droplets of ink onto a sheet of paper. Most desktop inkjet printers use cartridges that come with the print head attached; a few printers have separate print heads next to which the ink cartridge is inserted.

Pigmented Inks

Pigmented inks contain agents that ensure adhesion of the pigment to the surface and prevent it from being removed by mechanical abrasion. These materials are typically referred to as resins (in solvent-based inks) or binding agents (in water-based inks). Pigmented inks are advantageous when printing on paper because the pigment stays on the surface of the paper. This is desirable because more ink on the surface of the paper means less ink needs to be used to create the same intensity of color.

Printer Ribbon

An inked strip of cloth used for making an impression, as in a typewriter. Examples, thermal printer ribbons, dot matrix printer ribbons, point of sale printer ribbons, etc.