Jewelry label paper(Width:75 Height:25 1000PCS/Roll)

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- Product Specifications

  • Jewelry label paper

  • label paper

  • K/C/Y/M

  • New

  • 10 Piece/Pieces

  • can be customized Jewelry products label paper

- Product description

Jewelry label paper used for jewelry products, jewelry label paper can be customized, there are a variety of different models to choose, material also is very good product, a generic material: 128 grams of coated paper, 128 grams of coated paper intervals 50 # transparent dragon plastic cover,

128-gram copper coated paper interval glue 50# dumb silver dragon, 128 grams of coated paper between coated paper and 128 grams of coated paper

The rubber covering, 128 grams of copper coated paper, 50# blind silver dragon covering, 128 grams of coated paper

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