Barcode Industry Solution

Provides barcode printers for industries worldwide.
Improve operational efficiencies, from supply chain management to portable labeling for product or asset identification.

Manufacturing Optimize efficiency of the manufacturing ,Reduce cost, accurate and fast operation

The manufacturing industry is the most important and in-depth application of bar code technology. Bar code technology in electronic and electrical appliances, machinery, cars, instruments, clothing, The large-scale manufacturing industry suitable for bar code label recognition, such as shoes, has been widely used. With the development of global economy, the competitive environment, development mode and business space of manufacturing industry have undergone tremendous changes, in order to cope with these changes. Manufacturing enterprises aim at all aspects of production, supply and sales, one after another, all kinds of information management systems, in order to help enterprises improve their operational efficiency and management level, so that enterprises can cope with the rapid changes in the market and fierce market competition.

Transportation & Logistics Enhance the accuracy and real-time of information and improve the service quality of the whole industry

Modern logistics, as an advanced organization and management technology, is considered to be another way for enterprises to increase profits in addition to reducing material consumption and increasing labor productivity. With the development of network technology and electronic commerce technology, the development of modern logistics informatization has become an inevitable trend. The development of modern logistics depends on the collection, analysis, processing and immediate updating of a large amount of data and information. The competition of modern logistics has become the competition of logistics information, which is the foundation and core of modern logistics operation.

Bar code technology, as one of the important supporting technologies in logistics information process, has greatly improved the level of automation and modernization of logistics process. Bar code technology, which is widely used in the world, is the most powerful tool for automatic logistics tracking. Because barcode technology has the advantages of simple production, fast information collection, high accuracy, large amount of information, low cost and convenient use of barcode equipment, it is like a link in the process of circulation and transfer from production to sales. Connecting the information of each stage in the product life cycle together, it plays an important role in accurately identifying the item information and quickly tracking the goods course, and becomes the foundation of the whole logistics information management work. Generally speaking, Bar code recognition system is composed of bar code label, bar code label generating device, reader and computer, etc. Among them, bar code label is the carrier of information, and reader can obtain information loaded by label. The data mode which is compatible with the computer is transferred to the computer automatically to realize the automatic recognition of the information and the automatic data acquisition of the information system.

Retail Accurate and efficient Management of Commodity Circulation

The modern industrial and commercial trade is very active, there are many kinds of goods, and the barcode technology provides us with a method of marking and describing the goods in the logistics, and the application of the barcode technology in the over-management of retailers. Mainly by means of automatic identification technology, POS system, EDI and other modern technical means, the whole process from commodity purchase and shipment, supplier selection, storehouse management to after-sales service and customer management is completed, which ensures the accuracy of the information. Improve the settlement speed, avoid human error, and promote the circulation management.

Healthcare Improving the quality and efficiency of medical services

Hospital medical services have grown rapidly in recent years, with most of the infrastructure, equipment (including networks and information facilities), With the establishment of the market economy system and the deepening of the health care reform, the competition in the medical market is becoming increasingly fierce, and the internal and external environment facing the hospital has undergone fundamental changes. Survival and development is facing unprecedented tremendous pressure.

Information technology can promote the implementation of hospital reform measures and promote the deepening of hospital reform. Information technology has increasingly become a powerful means to improve the level of scientific management, the quality of medical services and the efficiency of medical work in hospitals. Speeding up the construction of information is an inevitable requirement for deepening hospital reform and promoting hospital development.

Inventory Management Efficient and accurate tracking and management of large assets

Through the barcode technology to mark, collect, combine the Internet communication technology, realize the fixed assets life cycle and use the whole course tracking, The marked assets show the most prominent features of barcode technology in the inventory or daily management: convenient, fast, accurate, greatly improve the efficiency of the inventory work, At the same time, the correspondence between the information flow and the physical flow of assets is ensured.

Services Efficient Management, High Quality Operation

Service industry is a highly competitive industry, from the service environment, service quality, The price level to the management mode is the competitive means for the service industry to embody its individualized management. With the popularization and application of modern computer technology and bar code technology, Some ingenious service providers are beginning to use bar code technology, network technology, computer technology and other advanced scientific and technological means in their management to strive for more efficient management, higher quality operations and lower cost operations. Strive to gain a new development opportunity in the fierce market competition.

Electric Power & Telecoms Orderly and accurate wiring management and maintenance

In the telecommunication power industry, because of the change of network and field application, the cable connection will often move, increase and change. The lack of cable marking will cause chaos and disorder in later maintenance. Therefore, in wiring, a cable label is generated by a bar code printer and attached to each cable, which will facilitate the subsequent maintenance work and enhance efficiency.

Source Tracing The sourcing of food safety

As one of the four major people's livelihood topics, food and drug safety is related to the health and safety of the broad masses of the people, to national economic development and social stability, to the government and the image of the country. Bar code management makes the information of the whole process of food and drug production can be documented, to a certain extent, it can resist the harm of "toxic and harmful" food and drugs to the people, and promote the orderly, stable and healthy development of the national economy and people's life.