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How long will toner cartridges last ?

                            How long will toner cartridges last ?
How long will the toner cartridges last ? Before answering this question, let’s think what your toner cartridges size is and how much you print.

We know that one printer cartridges have different capacities ranging from 1000 pages to over 10,000 pages. This is related to the quality and size of toner cartridges. In general, we usually print  A4 paper with 5% density. It means that each A4 paper prints 5% coverage content and how many prints can be made. Therefore, the larger the number of printable sheets, the more the cartridges can be used for a longer period of time.

In addition, the photoconductor drum decides on the life of the cartridges to some extent while difference in the material affect photoconductor drum. Because of that, cartridges can be sorted by different photoconductor drums: OPC cartridges, Se cartridges, and Ceramic cartridges. Their service life are respectively 3000 pages, 10,000 pages, and 100,000 pages.

Besides, storage well is also very of importance, otherwise, the inkjets heads and cartridges will dry out when not used for a long time. Thus, be sure to keep toner cartridges in their bubble bag or installed in the printer.

In conclusion, toner cartridges life depends on its printing pages instead of time. Different phontoconductor drum and storage environment are factors to its life directly.

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