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Your Printer Won't Print Black?

                                              Your Printer  Won't Print Black?
It’s a very common problems : your printer won't print black or missing in colors even with newly installed ink cartridges. You can encounter at least once in your printer's life span don't fuss.  We’ve put together a list of things you can do when your printer stops printing in black

Why my printers missing in colors?

Ink cartridges

Step 1: Check the estimated ink levels

Check estimated ink levels to see if any ink cartridges are critically low or empty.

Step 2: Replace any low or empty cartridges

Replace any critically low or empty ink cartridges, and then try to print again. Skip this step if all ink cartridges display full ink levels.

Step 3: Make sure the ink cartridges are properly vented and seated correctly

Check the vents on the top of the ink cartridges. If they are clogged or obstructed, the ink cartridges might not work properly, which can affect print quality.

Clogged print head

Step 5: Clean the printhead

The printhead could be clogged, and you might need to clean the printhead several times to restore print quality.  You can ran or dip the container under warm water to dissolve dried inks.

Update printer driver:

If it is not the ink cartridge or the printhead, then one cause could be an outdated driver. Update your driver by running your printer utility application or tool.
You can also try restarting your printer after reinstalling the new cartridges. By doing so, the printer is prompt to run the new cartridges and calibrate them. Follow the instructions until completed.

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