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Common Problems about Home Printing

                                               Common Problems about Home Printing
Whether you are printing at office or home, some printing problems could be fraustrating. But it is not difficult to remedy issues only if you command techniques. We searched following top  questions from our customers. 

Why are printings coming out streaky?

If your printing paper have lines or streaky, there are some solutions.  

1) LOR in your printer is dirty.
2) Toner mix with impurity, jamming roll.
3) OPC is exposured.
4)Accesories runs difficultly 

1) Clean up laser mirrior with fiber cloth
2)Wipe away impurity.
3) Change OPC
4) Replace toner cartridges with new one

What if you get warning using a different toner cartridges?

When you receive warning signal, don't worry about that but press "OK" . and you will find your printer will run as well as normal and no damage at printer at all. 

How do you prevent paper jams?

Make sure that you use one kind of paper instead of other brands or types mixed . It's a mirror detail but could make huge difference in feeding the paper to printer.

And sometimes you get paper jam warning, but there doesn't seem to be a paper jam, simply remove the paper tray. Even if it’s not another piece of paper, there’s something blocking the paper from getting to the printer. Run your hand along the bottom of your printer, and make sure there’s no debris that could be causing the blockage. Then, put your paper tray back in place and the warning should go away.

If you are having issues with your printer, don't feel like troubleshooting. Just google search or ask someone for help and you will get right answers for concern.


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