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OEM Printers Are Being Updated

                                    OEM Printers Are Being Updated

As we all know that original manufacturers usually restrict users from using third-party toner cartridges/ink cartridges by performing firmware updates on the printer. HP ever apologized and was fined for this problem.

However, this couldn't stop HP's determination to continue the "safety upgrade." At the end of June, the company updated the firmwares for the HP M602 and HP M4555 series printers.

Recently, Epson has also followed the pace and released an update that limits the use of recycled ink cartridges.
The ink cartridges and printer models affected by this update are as follows:
Ink cartridges: Epson T288 / T288Xl and T410 / T410XL.
Printer: Expression XP530, XP 630, XP640 and XP 830

In addition to the above models, other models may also be affected. Epson said that users could also not to update through the relevant settings.


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