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Components of toner cartridges

Components of toner cartridges

Before we choose better toner cartridges, we must know components of toner cartridges. Though the designs of toner cartridges varies with different models and brands, Most are the same of toner cartridges. 

Toner hopper:  The small container which houses the toner.

Seal:  A removable strip that prevents toner from spilling and dampping before installation.

Doctor blade:  Helps control the precise amount of toner out. 

Developer:  Transfers toner to the OPC drum.

Waste bin:  Collects residual toner wiped from the OPC drum

Wiper blade:  Wipes away residual toner applied to the page

Primary charge roller (PCR):  Applies a uniform negative to the OPC drum prior to laser-writing. 

Organic photo-conductor (OPC) drum:  Holds an electrostatic image and transfers toner onto the paper. OPC drum quality decides the life span of toner cartridges.

Drum shutter:  Protects the drum from light when outside the machine and retracts the drum into the printer.

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