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How to solve the spot of copied document?

As a common equipment, copiers are widely used at office. But we may trap into some problems in the process. For example, the copied document has spots. Spotted document couldn’t be used,easily causing some waste. What is the reason for this? How to solve it? The following are some of the solutions summarized for your reference.

How to solve the spot of copied document?

There are generally three conditions for speckled copying:

1. The glass platen of the copier is dirty

This is easier to solve. Simply clean the glass platen with a soft cloth moistened with a neutral detergent.

2. The exposure device is dirty

It requires that the glass platen be removed first, and the lens of the copier should be wiped clean with the lens paper of the camera. At last, wipe mirrors surface (the device inside the copier) clean. 

3. The copier's fuser roller sticks the toner

It always happens especially when printing large batch copies.

When copier engine is heated, we may copy a few sheets of paper first and then open the cover of the copier,while lifting the fixing unit slightly, and you will see something stuck on the fuser roller in some places. Take a cotton ball and wipe the spot on the fuser roller off. Do not use wet things to wipe in case it will be damaged because the fuser roller temperature is high. Besides, the machine can not be wiped when it is cold because the toner is sticky and will easily break the black film on the fuser roller

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