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How to Use Manual Plastic Comb Binding

Comb binding is a simple, inexpensive and effective method of book binding. Comb binding machines require little setup and can be used by almost anyone. 

How to Use Manual Plastic Comb Binding

Step by step instructions

1.Comb pins hold the comb in place, while Comb Teeth pull the comb open...

2. Punch your paper and cover stock in preperation for comb insertion.

3.Check your manual for recommended number of sheets in a single punch.

4.Get to know your machine’s lock mechanism and insert your comb spine, and pull teeth open.

5.Flexibility makes plastic combs easy to use and insert comb,push open and lock in place.

6.Carefully line up your document with comb. After insertion, hold in place and unlock bar.

7.Discover how easy comb binding can be.

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