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What influences refill ink main performance?

What influences refill ink main performance?
1.Viscosity ,namely, Resistance to liquid flow which influences ink flowing strength. Lower Viscosity is better.
2.Surface Tension  It is related to the formation of ink droplets and the ink should have high surface tension to ensure a good droplet form.
3.PH value  Acidic ink tends to corrode the sprinkler head, so we should choose neutral or alkalescent ink as much as possible.
4.Dispersing agent  It is a surface active agent, mainly used to improve the physical properties of the surface of the ink and enhance the compatibility of ink with a sponge and wettability.
5.Conductivity This number could reflect salt content in the ink. Once more than 0.5% salt content, crystallization is easily formed in the nozzle and block the nozzle. So the electrical conductivity of high quality ink should be as low as possible.

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