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How To Bypass the Low Ink Warning On Your Inkjet Printer

Nothing is more annoying than the low ink warning. That little flashing light or the dialogue box that keeps on popping up is enough to make you cause serious harm to your printer, especially when you’re in a hurry or you know that the ink cartridge you just installed is brand new and full.

Never fear though, here's  a guide on how to get rid of the low ink warning on your printer and get you back to printing.

But first, a word on ink levels. There are two ways a printer can figure out ink levels in a cartridge, light or a chip. Light only works if the ink cartridge is clear (like the Canon PGI-450XL ink), here the printer shines a laser light through the cartridge and physically reads the level of ink in the tank. For most cartridges, however, this is not possible and this is where the chip comes in. The chip is preloaded with a set amount of pages the cartridge can theoretically print, based on standardised page yield tests. When the cartridge has printed about 75% of those estimated pages, the chip tells the printer to let you know the cartridge is almost out of ink.

With most remanufactured cartridges (like the HP 56 ink and the Canon PG-512 ink), these chips cannot be reset and you’ll occasionally get a low ink warning, even when the ink cartridge is full. Luckily, these warnings can be bypassed pretty easily. In most cases you will only need to replace the ink cartridge when print quality begins to fade.

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