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Why does Barcode printer ribbon recycling shaft does not turn around?

The bar code printer ribbon recovery shaft is generally powered by a shaft, while the ribbon supply shaft is a driven shaft.
Ribbon recovery shafts currently have two sources of power:
The first type is coupled to the printing roller by a belt or a gear, and the printing roller and the ribbon recovery shaft are simultaneously driven by a motor;
The second is to drive the ribbon recovery shaft through a separate motor.

For the different power sources of the ribbon recovery shaft, the ribbon recovery shaft will not rotate for different reasons. The following two reasons are analyzed for the two power sources:
1. Power supply method using a belt or gear coupled with a printing roller
Since the ribbon recovery shaft and the print roller use the same power source, there may be two reasons if the ribbon recovery shaft does not rotate:
1 The coupled belt or gear is coupled to slip or not coupled at all. This situation can be solved by replacing the belt or gear.
2 There is a problem with the damping of the ribbon recovery shaft. Although there is no problem with the motor and the coupling, the outer shaft of the ribbon recovery shaft does not rotate, and only the inner shaft is rotating. This can be solved by increasing the damping of the ribbon recovery shaft or by replacing the damper.

2, the use of independent motor power supply

The ribbon recovery shaft using this power source mode generally has an independent ribbon control system. If the ribbon recovery shaft does not rotate, there may be three reasons:
1 caused by setting an error in the printer's printing method. For example, the driver or the instruction explicitly specifies the use of the "thermal" mode, and the printer itself has a ribbon installed. When printing, the printer will control the ribbon recovery axis to stop working. , causing the ribbon recovery shaft to not rotate. This is also the most common cause, as long as the driver or the "thermal" mode on the command is changed to "thermal transfer" mode, this problem can be solved.
2 The failure of the independent motor of the ribbon supply shaft causes the ribbon recovery shaft to not rotate. This situation is often accompanied by an alarm in the printer and cannot be printed. The problem can only be solved by replacing the motor.
3 The control system of the ribbon supply shaft is faulty. This situation is often accompanied by the printer's alarm and cannot be printed. Some barcode printers have a circuit board that independently controls the ribbon supply shaft motor, and some barcode printer ribbon supply shafts. The motor is controlled by the main circuit board, and it is necessary to repair or replace the circuit board according to different situations to solve the problem.

In practice, it is often not a hardware problem, but the problem that the ribbon recovery shaft does not rotate due to the incorrect setting mode of "thermal" and "thermal transfer". There are very few non-transfer problems that are really caused by hardware.

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