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Value of 100 million RMB Counterfeit Printer and Toner Cartridges Are Ferreted Out

According to a report, a case of counterfeit HP model toner cartridges was detected in HuiZhou city, Guangdong province earlier this year.

After a long period of investigation, the investigation team  in Huiyang District smashed the processing and production of one production den, one warehouse, and arrested three suspects. And they ferreted out  1,700 counterfeit HP models and about 2,600 semi-finished products in cluding a batch of raw materials such as anti-counterfeiting labels and bubble bags, as well as a number of  tools for criminal purpose such as printer machines and sealing machines. It sums up to  as high as one million RMB.

It is reported that the suspect has been arrested according to law and the case has been transferred to the court for review and prosecution.

So our consumers must be careful when you buy toner cartridges. Choosing the right supplier is very important.

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