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Toner cartridge preservation method

Toner cartridge preservation methodClean regularlyAfter the toner cartridge is used for a period of time, it will be more or less contaminated. We found that the output text, images are blurred, the background gray is heavy, and the font shape is long. This requires the toner cartridge to be cleaned.Remove waste powderFor users who add powder, after a period of use, the waste powder collection bin will accumulate waste powder. If it is not clear in time, it will affect the printout effect and seriously cause powder leakage.Don't overload the toner cartridgeAnything has its working load, but the toner cartridge is a silicone light conductor, which also has the problem of "work fatigue". If it is used continuously for a long time, it will affect the print output slightly, and it will be declared a strike. Therefore, users should remember to give the toner cartridge a proper rest period.

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